Drama Lavender Information

  • Drama Title: Lavender
  • Alternative Title: 
  • Status: 000] [1040] Too many conn
  • Genre: Y000] [1040] Too many conne
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Published Date: 
  • Total Episodes: 1
  • Summary: 


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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo)

With next year's university entrance exams looming, high school senior Yoshiyama Mihane is beginning to feel the blues. She recently joined the school's photography club. As she walks by the science lab one day after school, she smells the aroma of lavender. From that moment on, she acquires the ability to leap freely through time and the days ahead are marked with bizarre occurrences... Fukamachi is Mihane's classmate and childhood friend. Or at least that's what everyone thinks. The truth is, Fukamachi came from the future, where he is a brilliant researcher who develops a drug that enables time leaps. He uses the drug to visit the year 2016 but loses it and is unable to return for the time being. Her romantic feelings for a boy that came from the future lasts but a few days, and those memories are now beginning to fade.

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A wistful romance and action comedy all in one, I Love How You Love Me (a.k.a. The Love Winner) is a small and entertaining affair bringing together stars from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. Taiwan pop idol Jimmy Lin and Mainland starlet Crystal Liu Yifei pair up again after the period drama Tian Long Ba Bu, while idol drama heartthrob Ambrose Hsu (Lavender) sparks romance with Hong Kong actress Kristy Yang (Storm Riders). First released in 2004, I Love How You Love Me is helmed by popular Taiwan director Kevin Chu (Kung Fu Dunk), who brings the film the kind of winning popcorn sensibility typical of previous works like School Days.Martial arts enthusiast Hang Wen (Ambrose Hsu) hails from a wealthy Taiwanese family, an asset that immediately attracts teacher Yue Shan (Kristy Yang) who decides to pursue him. The cool and apathetic Heng Feng (Jimmy Lin) has always been a loner and drifter because of his father’s line of business – smuggling. He doesn’t dare to get attached to anyone or anything, that is until the he meets Qiao Li (Liu Yifei) who thinks the same way as he does. Looking for love and life on their own terms, these four young people cross paths at the same school, along with a bumbling pair of undercover cops.