All Hong kong Drama Series List

(Shaw Brothers) Return of the Sentimental Swordsman
(Shaw Brothers)Masked Avengers
12 Golden Ducks
2002 (2001)
24 Hours Ghost Story
3D Naked Ambition
72 Tenants of Prosperity
77 Heartbreaks
A better tomorrow (1986)
A Change Of Destiny
A Change of Heart
A Chinese Ghost Story
A Chinese Ghost Story I & II
A Fistful of Stances
A Game of No Rule
A Great Way to Care Season 1
A Great Way to Care Season 2
A Hero Never Dies
A Journey Called Life
A Mob Story
A Moment of Romance Trilogy
A Pillow Case Of Mystery Season 1
A Pillow Case Of Mystery Season 2
A Secret Between Us
A Simple Life
A True Mob Story
A World Without Thieves
Aces Go Places 1
Aces Go Places 2
Aces Go Places 3
Aces Go Places 4
Aces Go Places 5
Adventure Of The King
Adventurous Treasure Island
Agent Mr. Chan
All About Ah Long
All For The Winner
Alls Well Ends Well Too
Always and Ever
Always Be with You
Ambitious Kung Fu Girl
An Inaccurate Memoir 2012
And I Hate You So
Angel In The-Making
Angel Warriors
Anniversary 2015
Another Era
Apple Colada
Are You Here 2015
Armed Reaction
Armed Reaction II
Armed Reaction III
Armed Reaction IV
Armour of God
As the Light Goes Out
Ashes Of Time Redux
At The Threshold Of An Era
At The Threshold Of An Era II
ATM 2015
Au Revoir Shanghai
Awfully Lawful
Baby Blues
Bad Blood
Beach Spike
Beijing Rocks
Best Bet
Bet Hur (2017)
Bet To Basic
Beyond Hypothermia
Beyond Our Ken
Beyond the Rainbow
Big Fortune Hotel
Birth Of A Hero
Bitter Money
Black Comedy 2014
Black Heart White Soul
Black Rose Academy
Blade Heart
Blind Detective
Blue Lightning
Bottled Passion
Bounty Lady
Boxer's Story
Boys Are Easy
Break Up 100
Break Up Club
Breaking News
Brothers Keeper
Bug Me Not
Bullet and Brain
Bullet In the Head
Bullets Of Love
Burning Hands
Burning Paradise In Hell
Bury Me High
Call of Heroes
Can't Buy Me Love
Casino Tycoon
Catch me now
Chase Our Love
Chasing the Dragon
Christmas Rose
Chung King Express
City Under Siege
Clan of the White Lotus
Clans Of Intrigue
Claws Of Steel
Close to You
Coffee Cat Mama
Cold War
Cold War 2
Color of the Game
Colour of the Game
Come With Me
Comrades Almost A Love Story
Concerto of the Bully
Conman In Tokyo
Cracked Eggs and Noodles
Crime Story
Crossing Hennessy
Curse Of The Royal Harem
D.I.E. (Death Investigation Extension)
D.I.E. Again
Daddy Cool
Daddy Good Deeds
Dance Of A Dream
Dark War
Date Masamune: The One Eyed Dragon's Love and Ambition
Days of being wild
Dead Air
Dead Wrong (2016)
Dealer Healer
Death Duel
Deep In The Realm Of Conscience
Delete My Love
Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils 1982 Season 1
Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils 1982 Season 2
Destination Nowhere (2017)
Detective Dee And The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame
Detective Investigation Files
Detective Investigation Files II
Detective Investigation Files III
Detective Investigation Files IV
Devil's Disciples
Dicey Business
Dirty Ho
Diva Ah Hey
Divas in distress
Dog Bite Dog
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2
Doomsday Party
Doomsday Party 2013
Double Crossed
Dr Lamb
Dragon Tiger Gate
Dream Home
Dream Lovers (1986)
Driving Miss Wealthy
Drug War
Drunken Maste
Drunken Master II
Drunken Master III
Drunken Monkey (2003)
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Eight Taels Of Gold
Elixir of Love
Emergency Unit
Encounters of the Spooky Kind
Enter the Phoenix
Every Move You Make
Evil Cat
Eye in the Sky
Face to Fate
Fashion War
Fat Choi Spirit
Fatal Contact
Final Project
Find THe Light
Fist Fight
Fist of Fury
Fist Of The Red Dragon
Flash Point
Flirting in the Air 2014
Flirting Scholar
Fly Me to Polaris
Flying Tiger
Fong Sai yuk
Fong Sai Yuk 2
For Bad Boys Only
Forensic Heroes
Forensic Heroes II
Forensic Heroes III
Forest of Death
Forget Me Not
Fox Hunter
Friendly Fire
From Beijing with Love
From Vegas To Macau
From Vegas to Macau II
Front Page
Full Strike 2015
Full Throttle
Fulltime Killer
Future Cops
Future X-Cop
Gangster Payday 2014
Gen-X Cops
Gen-Y Cops
Get Outta Here
Ghetto Justice
Ghetto Justice 2
Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain
Ghost Fever
Ghost Net
Ghost Writer
Gilded Chopsticks
Gloves Come Off
God of Gamblers
God of Gamblers 1 and 2
God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage
Goddess of Mercy
Godfather Of Canton
Gods Of Honour
Golden Brother
Golden Chicken
Golden Chickensss
Golden Job
Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic
Good for Nothing Heros
Grace Under Fire
Grey Met Shrek
Growing Through Life
Guia In Love
Guilty 2015
Gun n Rose
Hail the Judge
Handsome Siblings
Happy Birthday
happy funeral
Hard Boiled
Hardcore Comedy
Haunted Cop Shop
Healing Hands (1998)
Healing Hands II (2000)
Healing Hands III (2005)
Heart And Greed
Heart and Greed The Tempest Preview
Heart Of Greed
Heart of Greed (2007)
Heartfall Arises
Heat Team
Heaven in the Dark
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000
Heaven's Retribution
Heavenly In Laws
Hello Babies
Her Fatal Ways
Here Comes Fortune
Heroes of the East
Hidden Track
Highs and Lows
Hong Kong Ghostbusters
Horseplay 2014
Hot War
Hotel Deluxe
House of Wolves
Hungry Ghost Ritual
Husband Killers
I Corrupt All Cops
I Love Hong Kong
I Sell Love
ICAC Investigators
If You Are The One 2008
Ill Call You
In the Eye of the Beholder
In The Line Of Duty 5
In The Line Of Duty 6
In The Line Of Duty 7
In The Line Of Duty I
In the Line of Duty III
In the Line of Duty IV
In the Mood for Love
Inbound Troubles
Incredible Mama
Infernal Affairs
Infernal Affairs II
Infernal Affairs III
Initial D
Inner Senses
Into Thin Air
Invincible Shaolin
Ip Man 3
Ip Man The Final Fight
Iron Monkey
IT Champions
Itchy Heart
Jackie Chan's First Strike Uncut
Journey to the West Conquering the Demons
Just One Look
Karma Rider
Keeper of Darkness
Kick Ass Girls
Kick Boxer
Killer Clans
King Maker
King of Beggars
King of Mahjong
Kung Fu Academy
Kung Fu Hip-hop
Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Jungle
Kung Fu Mahjong
Kung Fu Mahjong 2
Kung Fu Mahjong 3
Kung Fu Vampires
La Femme Desperado
Lady Fan (2004)
Lady Sour
Lan We Fong
Last Hero In China
Last One Standing
Lazy Hazy Crazy
Leave Me Alone
Lee Rock II
Legal Mavericks
Legend of the Fist The Return of Chen Zhen
Legend of the military seal
Legendary Assassin
Let it be Love
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
Line Walker (2016)
Line Walker: The Prelude
Links to Temptation
Little Big Master
Lives of Omission
Lofty Waters Verdant Bow
Look For A Star
Lost In Wrestling
Love at First Fight
Love at First Note
Love Contractually (2017)
Love Detective
Love for All Seasons
Love In A Puff
Love In Time
Love is A Many Stupid Thing
Love is Love
Love Is Not All Around
Love Is Pyjamas
Love Kickoff
Love on a Diet
Love on the Rocks
Love Undercover 2 Love Mission
Love Undercover 3
Lucky Star
Mad Detective
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Mad World
Madam Cutie on Duty
Magic Kitchen
Magic to Win
Margaret and David - Ex
Marrying Mr Perfect
Martial Angels
Master Of Play
May Fortune Smile On You (2017)
Men Don't Cry
Men Suddenly in Black
Merry Go Round
Metade Fumaca
Millionaire Cop
Mind Hunter
Mismatched Couples
Money Crazy
Monster Hunt
Moonlight Express
Moving Targets
Mr & Mrs Player
Mr Coconut
Mrs K
My Ages Apart
My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan
My Date With A Vampire II
My Date With A Vampire III
My Dream Boat
My Kung-Fu Sweetheart
My Lover from the Planet Meow
My Name Is Nobody
My Sassy Hubby
My Sister of Eternal Flower
My Spiritual Ex-Lover
My Wife Is 18
My Young Auntie
Naraka 19
Natural Born Lovers
Needing You (2000)
Net Deception
Never Dance Alone
New Blood
New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre
New Police Story
News Attack
Night Fall
Nine Girls and a Ghost
Ninth Happiness
No Good Either Way
No One Is Innocent
No Regrets
No Reserve
No Risk No Gain
No. 1 Chung Ying Street
Noblesse Oblige
North East Past: Po Ma Zhang Fei
Nothing Special Force
Nothing To Declare
Officer Geomancer
Oh My Grad
OMG, Your Honour
On the First Beat
Once Upon A Time In Shanghai (SHOW)
One Armed Swordsman
Ordinary Heroes
Our Time Will Come
Out Of Inferno
Out of the Dark
Outbound Love
Over Run Over (2016)
Phantom Call
Phoenix Rising
Poker King
Police Boundaries
Port of Call
Princess And Seven Kung Fu Masters
Probation Order 2014
Project A
Queen Divas
Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
Raising The Bar
Recipes to Live By
Return of the Silver Tongue
Revenge A Love Story
Revolving Doors of Vengeance
Rich and Famous
Rigor Mortis
Roaring Wheels
robin b hood
Rogue Emperor
Romancing in Thin Air
Romantic Repertoire
Rosy Business
Rouge Snow
Royal Warriors
Rule Number One
Running on Karma
Ruse of Engagement
S Storm
Saat Po Long
Safe Guards
Sara 2015
Saving General Yang
Saviour Of The Soul
Season of Love
Second Life
Secret of the Heart
Seeding of a Ghost
Seoul Raiders
Sergeant Tabloid
Seven Years Itch (1987)
Shades of Life
Shanghai Affairs
Shanghai Grand
Shaolin Soccer
Shaolin Temple 2
Shaolin Wooden Men
She Remembers, He Forgets
She Shoots Straight
Shine on You
Shinjuku Incident
Shock Wave
Short End of the Stick
Show Me Your Love
Sifu Vs Vampire
Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
Single Blog
Sisters of Pearl
Sixty Million Dollar Man
Sleeping with the Dead
Sleepless Fashion
Slow Boat Home
Smooth Talker
Sniper Standoff
Soundless Wind Chime
Special Female Force
Speed Of Life (2016)
Spy Games
Star Runner
Staycation 2018
Stealing Seconds 2018
Step Into The Past
Storm in a Cocoon
Strike At Heart
summer love
Super Snoops
Survivors Law II
Sweetness In The Salt
Swipe Tap Love
Swordsman 3
Swordsman II
Swordsman III
Tales from the Dark 1
Temporary Family
Tempting Heart
Ten Brothers
Ten Years 2015
That Demon Within
The 'W' Files
The 33d Invader
The Academy
The Best Plan Is No Plan
The Big Call (Fraud Squad)
The Blood Sword
The Blood Sword 2
The Bodyguard From Beijing
The Book and the Sword
The Bounty
The Boxer From Shantung
The Bride with White Hair
The Bride with White Hair 2
The China's Next Top Princess
The Closet
The Confidant
The Conquerors Story
The Constable
The Crazy Companies 1
The crazy companies 2
The Crossing 2
The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (1997)
The Detective 2
The Drummer
The Eagle Shooting Heroes (movie)
The Election
The Empty Hands
The Exorcist's Meter
The Eye
The Eye 2
The Family Doctor
The Fearless Duo
The Final Option
The Five Deadly Venoms
The Five Venoms
The Flying Fox Of Snowy Mountain
The Forgotten Valley
The Four (2008)
The Four (2012)
The Four 2
The Four Final Battle
The Gem of Life
The Gentle Crackdown
The Gigolo
The Gigolo 2
The Golden Era 2014
The Grand Canal
The Grandmaster
The Great Magician
The Greed of Man
The Guillotines
The Haunted Cop Shop II
The Haunted School
The Heavenly Sword And Dragon Sabre (2003)
The Heroic Trio 1
The Heroic Trio 2
The Hippocratic Crush
The Hippocratic Crush II
The Iceman 2014
The Iceman BRRIP
The Jade and the Pearl
The King Boxer
The King of Snooker
The Kung Fu Cult Master
The Lady Iron Chef
The Last Breakthrough
The Last Healer in Forbidden City
The Last One Standing
The Last Steep Ascent
The Last Tycoon
The Last Woman Standing
The Law of Attraction
The Leakers
The Legend of Drunken Master
The Legend of The Condor Heroes 1982
The Legendary Prime Minister - Zhuge Liang
The Life and Times of a Sentinel
The Lion Roars
The Lion Roars 2
The Mad King of Taipei
The Mad Monk
The Magic Crane
The Magic Touch
The Magnificent Scoundrels
The Master of Tai Chi
The Menu
The Merger
The Midas Touch
The Midnight After 2014
The Millionaires Express
The Miracle Fighters
The Mobfathers
The Monkey King
The Moon Warriors
The Mysteries of Love
The Neighborhood
The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung
The New Legend Of Shaolin
The Private Eyes
The Return of the Condor Heroes - 1983 (drama)
The Rippling Blossom
The Second Coming
The Seventh Day
The Seventh Lie
The Shaolin Temple 1982
The Shopaholics
The Sinking City: Capsule Odyssey
The Sleep Curse
The Slicing of the Demon
The Sniper
The Soong Sisters
The Spiritual World
The Stool Pigeon
The Stunt
The Sword Of Many Loves
The Twins Effect
The Ultimate Addiction
The Unholy Alliance
The Vanished Murderer
The Viral Factor
The Way We Dance
The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom 2014
The White Storm
The Wicked City
The Winter Melon Tale
There Is a Secret in My Soup
Those Were the Days
Three Kingdoms RPG
Threesome (2018)
Throw Down
Thunder Cops
Tiger Cubs
Tiger Cubs II
Tiger Mom Blues (2017)
Time And Tide
Time Is Money
To Be or Not To Be
To Catch the Uncatchable
To Get Unstuck In Time
To Kill a Jaguar
To The Fore
Tofu War 2017
Together (2013)
Treasure Raiders
Triumph in the Skies
Triumph In The Skies 2
Trivial Matters
Trivisa 2016
Troublesome Night
TVB A Fist Within Four Walls
TVB All That Is Bitter Is Sweet
TVB Between Love And Desire
TVB Brick Slaves
TVB Brother's Keeper (2013)
TVB Brother's Keeper II (2016)
TVB Captain Of Destiny
TVB Come On Cousin
TVB Come On Cousin special
TVB Daddy Dearest
TVB Every Step You Take
TVB Eye in the Sky
TVB Ghost Of Relativity
TVB House of Spirits
TVB ICAC Investigators 2014
TVB Inspector Gourmet (2016)
TVB K9 Cop (2016)
TVB Law Dis-Order
TVB Limelight Years
TVB Line Walker
TVB Lord of Shanghai
TVB Master of Destiny
TVB May Fortune Smile On You 2017
TVB Momentary Lapse Of Reason
TVB Over Achievers
TVB Over Achievers Special
TVB Presumed Accidents
TVB Rear Mirror
TVB The Fixer
TVB Tomorrow Is Another Day
TVB Under The Veil
TVB With or Without You
TVB Wudang Rules
Twilight Investigation
Twilight Online
Twin Dragons
Twin of Brothers
Twins Mission
Two Steps From Heaven (2016)
Two Thumbs Up
Under the Canopy of Love
Undercover Blues
Vampire Cleanup Department
Vampire Expert 1
Vampire Expert 2
War And Beauty
War and Destiny
Watch Out Boss
What a Hero
Whatever It Takes
When a Dog Loves a Cat
When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West
When Fortune Smiles
When Heaven Burns
Whipsers And Moans
White Vengeance
Who Am I?
Who Wants A Baby
Wild City 2015
Will Power
Wind and Cloud 2 ( Hong Kong )
Wing Chun
Winners and Sinners
Witness Insecurity
Witness to a prosecution
Witness to a prosecution II
Wong Ka Yan 2015
Written By
Wu Dang
Yes Madam 5
Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
Young Charioteers
Z Storm 2014
Z Storm II
Zu Warriors